An Ancient Day of Mystery and Violence

Lives and futures balanced often on the skill of the warrior's blade and the daring heart of the brave. Swords are bathed in blood as Evil rises on the horizon...who will stand and fight?

Warriors of Anath

During a last minute project at a haunted house in eastern Kansas, psychic Shade Hoffmeyer attempts to keep out of the way of a fame crazed paranormal team and still solve the mystery of the house.  

A mind - powerfully cruel and insistent - spears into hers soon after she arrives, shattering all she thought she understood about herself, her gift, and her purpose.

Thrown into a race against powerful psychic forces and government agencies, she plays a desperate game of catch-up.   

Once more, she must call on 'She who walks between the worlds' and gather her the Warriors of Anath.
A woman, a sword and a destiny...