An Ancient Day of Mystery and Violence

Lives and futures balanced often on the skill of the warrior's blade and the daring heart of the brave. Swords are bathed in blood as Evil rises on the horizon...who will stand and fight?



Anath's world is one that is peaceful, ordinary, and sometimes boring. She lives with her father Dagon, her sister Asherah, and half-brother Hadad ... Her days are filled with the normal activities of life as she learns the skills of the hunt, the rites of her religion, and the tasks of survival in a sometimes harsh world of extremes. Children of a mysterious woman found wondering in the desert, can Anath and her sister discover the truth of their heritage and the strange skills they possess? When a new and very dangerous threat seeps into that world, however, there may not be time and Anath has to decide how she will respond. Can she protect not only her family and herself, but her world as well?

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A woman, a sword and a destiny...